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When you join The Teachers Club you're saying yes to affordable support to help you build & grow a sustainable business

+You become part of a genuine, uplifting global community network.


Because I believe when you're in the business of helping others, you should never have to go it alone.

Chances are, you didn't become a yoga teacher to start a business, but now a business is exactly what you have. 

The Teachers Club might be a good fit for you if:

  • You've realized that teaching 15+ group classes per week isn't a sustainable, long-term career.
  • You believe that business can (& should) be ethical
  • You're craving day-to-day support, guidance & community so you can build something truly sustainable for yourself, without reinventing the wheel.

If you'd like to join us, it's simple, affordable & there are no lock-in contracts.

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Access To My Weekly Office Hours

Every Friday at 9-10am AEDT you can drop into my personal zoom room. I take one student at a time (on a first-come, first-serve basis), so you can get personal, private feedback & guidance. It's like having a coach, just quicker & way more affordable. 

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A Monthly Live Class

Each month The Teachers Club members join together as a group on zoom. I pick a topic and give an informal, casual lecture or host a Q&A session. And sometimes we even bring in cool guests! Examples are; Q&A on running an online studio, Behind the scenes of my "first" 12 months in business, Q&A on DIY'ing your own SEO.

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Private Community Group

A private, members-only, highly engaged & uplifting Facebook group. This group is closely monitored and is a great place to ask for helpful feedback on your website, copy, offerings, or anything else you're working on.


$19 / Month | Start Anytime | Stop Anytime

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Laura, Sydney

“I've stepped into a whole new level of confidence, not only in my teaching, but who I am as a person - and The Teachers Club played a big part in that.”

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N, Adeleid 

"I got so much out of my session with Cora and I'm really grateful for her feedback and ideas. I've already implemented several of the things we spoke about and I'm feeling much more clear on how I want to operate as a teacher. I've also been able to ask for a pay rise at one of the studios I work at and as a result of that email they are considering giving all the teachers a rise."  

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Maddie, Melbourne

I had a one on one with Cora yesterday to help work out some things as I was feeling stuck/ overwhelmed and just generally frazzled in my online studio.

Today was the most productive day I’ve had in such a long time. I finally feel like I have a clear intention and know what needs to be done.


Ready to get support & community to help you grow a sustainable yoga business?

 Photos by Tara D'Cruz Nobel

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